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Broad-Based Fees

Broad-Based Fees

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Broad-based fees for institutions within the State University of New York (SUNY) are generally charged to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body – excluding those activities that are part of the core instructional program. 


Buffalo State’s Broad-Based Fees Include:

  • Athletics Fee: Supports intercollegiate athletic activities.
  • College Fee: Supports Buffalo State’s operations.
  • Health Fee: Provides basic medical assistance to students via the Weigel Health Center.
  • Technology Fee: Provides enhancements to campus technology for students.
  • Transportation Fee: Funds Buffalo State’s NFTA Metro Pass Program.
  • First Day Complete Fee: New fee that will cover the cost of textbooks and instructional materials.

Learn more about Buffalo State’s broad-based fees.

Broad-Based Fee Student Consultation Process 2022-2023

In accordance with SUNY policy, Buffalo State provides for participatory student involvement in the broad-based fee decision-making process. Student consultations were hosted in fall 2021. To learn more about the fall 2021 student consultations, view the Broad-Based Fee Consultation Process 2022-2023 presentation. At the end of the presentation, please complete the survey to provide feedback. For additional questions, please contact the Office of Finance and Management by email at


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